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Multitec KSB Water Pump
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Specification of Multitec KSB Water Pump

Multitec - High Pressure Pumps in Ring-section Design.

■ Water supply
■ Drinking water supply (ACS)
■ Industry
■ Irrigation
■ Power plant
■ Heating, fifi ltering, fifi re fi cting ghting, reverse osmosis, snow guns, washing plants.

1 Flexible
Adjustment of ideal suction and drain nozzles to the Hydraulic Pump system.

2 Low NPSH
Special suction impellers.

3 Andal
Wear-resistant, plain pads that align themselves made of silicon carbide.

4 High availability
Axial push balances for a long service life.

5 Friendly service
Easy disassembly of bearings and mechanical seal.

6 Low operating costs
Only one seal shaft and hydraulic system with optimal efficiency.

7 Versatile
Many choices of materials and designs

8 Energy savings of up to 60%
In the pump set equipped with PumpDrive, the motor speed is automatically controlled to match the current demand.

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